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We offer a wide range of comprehensive medical services to suit the needs of our patients and to ensure that their care is up-to-date with healthcare standards.

Bellaken Garden & Skilled Nursing Center is equipped with trained medical staff ready to care for the needs of patients seeking rehabilitation or long-term skilled care. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Short Term Rehabilitation Therapy
    On staff physical therapists provide, prepare, and supervise individualized therapy protocols suitable for post-operative conditions, injuries, chronic health problems, etc. and to maintain the overall strength in our clients.
  • Skilled Nursing
    Registered Nurses and nursing assistants work side by side in caring for our residents. Our staff is trained to provide daily medical care and to respond quickly and efficiently in any emergency.
  • Restorative Nursing Care
    Through our restorative nursing care, we aim to continue any therapeutic services previously provided and prevent any declines in our residents’ health.
  • Palliative Care
    This is a vital service to anyone who suffers from a serious chronic illness. Palliative care helps improve the quality of life and the symptoms one may suffer from. Our multidisciplinary team can help coordinate efforts between the family, doctors, nutritionists, and social services, all while taking the patient’s wishes into consideration.
  • Respite Care
    We can provide short-term or regular relief for Primary Caregivers.
  • Assisted Living
    Some of our residents require assistance in daily living yet still want to maintain their independence. We provide housekeeping, preparation of daily meals, personal care services, and medical services to our residents around the clock.

Other services we provide are:

If you have inquiries about our services, feel free to call 510-536-1838.